Tree of Life Ornaments

Animate Me Designs help bring balance into your life and serenity to your soul. Soothing gemstones, crystals and a collection of other attractive treasures merge into pieces made to inspire, motivate, support and protect.

Each gemstone is its own work of art. Variations in shape, size and color of raw, rough cut stone and crystals lend to the interest of each piece. While consistent in size and shape, gemstone beads have their own unique colors and patterns, so no two beads will ever be exactly the same.


Horse head, labradorite & lapis lazuli bracelet




Red tiger eye & leaf adjustable ring


animate me designs wellness chest

Wellness Chest

The Wellness Chest is divided into eight categories with each one focusing on popular areas in which you may need a little reinforcement, a boost or just some good karma.

burning sage stick

Stone Purity

All pieces are purified and cleared of all negative energy, before they’re sent to you. We hope these treasures help you navigate the rhythm of your life, enrich your inner beauty and make you smile. You are strong and beautiful. ♥

Custom orders welcome. Please email us an idea that animates you!